Find an Orthodontist in Newcastle

Finding the best Orthodontist in Newcastle, NSW Australia

If you are looking for a certified and licensed Orthodontist in Newcastle, NSW, Australia – you should take a look at ABC Orthodontics, a world class modern orthodontics facility .

ABC Orthodontics provides orthodontic braces treatment for children and adults using the latest braces,clear braces and Invisalign treatment options.

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Orthodontist Charlestown NSW – Need Braces for Your Teeth?

Orthodontist Charlestown NSWHow to Determine if Your Teeth Need Orthodontic Braces?

There are specific signs you can look for when you are trying to decide if you need braces for your teeth or for your children. The teeth alignment, bite and other conditions are the same for both children and adults.

These are the Common Teeth Problems

  • Crowding
  • Overjet or protruding upper teeth
  • Deep overbite
  • Open bite
  • Spacing
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite or lower jaw protrusion

Visit your Orthodontist to help you determine if your teeth need braces as early as possible for children. While adult dental issues can be treated with braces, it’s recommended to start the treatment as early as possible.

ABC Orthodontics offers Clear Invisible braces,Invisalign Aligners. Specialist Orthodontic treatment for children and adults using the latest technology and techniques.

Address: 8 Chapman Street Charlestown NSW 2290, Australia‎
Phone number: +61 1300 794 797

Emergency Repairs at ABC Orthodontics

ABC Orthodontics (January 07, 2013) — Our next day for EMERGENCY REPAIRS will be on Thursday the 10th of January from 10am until 11am at our Broadmeadow practice. If you have an Orthodontic Emergency you are unable to remedy at home you will be able attend the practice on the the 10th of January for assistance. ABC Orthodontics will resume regular business hours on Monday the 14th of January.

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January 07, 2013 — ABC Orthodontics will be taking EMERGENCY REPAIRS from 2pm to 3pm today. If you have an Orthodontic Emergency you are unable to remedy at home you will be able to come in to the practice today at 2pm to have it repaired.

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What is Orthodontics – ABC Orthodontics Hunter Valley

What is Orthodontics – Orthodontics refers to a specialty in dentistry that focuses on aligning improper bites and straightening crooked teeth to ensure healthy function and appearance.

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Newcastle Braces – Thinking About Getting Adult Braces

When you are thinking about getting adult braces, be sure to factor in the cost of any preparatory surgery that may be involved.

Most children do not need this procedure because their mouths and jaws are flexible. As a result, if they do not have enough room for their teeth, a dentist can stretch their jaw so that it will accommodate them.

However, adults’ jaw cannot be stretched like this, so you may need to have teeth removed or have your jaw surgically altered, which can add extra cost of your braces, depending on your personal oral situation.

If you are living around Newcastle area, Why not visit and talk to our Specialist Orthodontist to find more about getting dental braces for your adult patients.